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Dominion Executive Council

The Dominion Executive Council (DEC) is the national governing body of The Royal Canadian Legion. DEC members are comprised of the Senior Elected Officers, elected at Dominion Convention, including the Dominion President, the First Vice President, three Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, the Chairman, and the Dominion Immediate Past President. Members also include the President of each Provincial Command and Special Section. Other members as appointed by the Dominion President may attend but are non-voting members of DEC.

DEC meets semi-annually as well as pre and post Dominion Convention to carry out the work entrusted to it by the last convention or the General By-Laws, and to carry on the business of the Legion. Find more information about the Dominion Executive Council in Article IV of the General By-laws.

To support internal communication, transparency and accountability, the minutes of Dominion Executive Council meetings are available below. Questions or requests for clarification on DEC meeting minutes should be directed to your Legion Provincial Command.

DEC Meeting Minutes