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Dominion Committees

Dominion Committees work to support the direction of the organization. One of the Dominion President’s first responsibilities on taking office is to appoint Legion members to the Dominion Committees and prepare a mandate letter to guide their work. 

Read Dominion President Tom Irvine’s mandate letter: 2018 – 2020 Committee Mandate Letter

Committee Minutes are available to view online: Committee Minutes

2018 - 2020 Dominion Committees

Going Forward Committee

Chair - Bruce Julian
Vice-Chair - Tom Irvine
Member - Jill Carleton
Member - Larry Murray
Member - Kyle Scott
Member - Robyn Zettler

Veterans, Service and Seniors Committee 

Chair - Tom Irvine 
Vice-Chair - Bruce Julian
Member - John Mahon
Member - Ronn Anderson
Ex-Officio - Larry Murray
Homeless - Dave Gordon
Seniors - George O'Dair
OSI Rep - Jill Carleton

Poppy and Remembrance Committee

Chair - Angus Stanfield
Vice-Chair - Berkley Lawrence
Member - John Ladouceur
Member - Kandys Merola
Member - Lorne Varga
Member - Glenn Hodge

Defence and Security Committee

Chair - Jay Milne 
Vice-Chair - 
Member - Bob Cléroux  
Member - Brendan Heffernan  


Committee Chair - Bruce Julian 
Vice-Chair - Valerie MacGregor
Member - Dave Flannigan
Member - Garry Pond
Member - Duane MacEwen
Member - Terry Campbell

Ritual and Awards Committee

Chair - Ken Sorrenti 
Vice-Chair - Blaine Kiley
Member - John Cher 
Member - Mary-Ann Latimer 
Member - Joel Van Snick 

Sports Committee

Chair - Brian Weaver 
Vice-Chair - David Flannigan 
Member - Jerry Lava 
Member - Keith Andrews 
Member - Melvin Crowe 
Member - Serge Thibaudeau 

Constitution and Laws Committee

Chair - Jim Rycroft 
Vice-Chair - Dave Eaton 
Member - Bill Chafe 
Member - George O'Dair 

Public Relations Committee

Chairman - Owen Parkhouse 
Vice Chair - Sharon McKeown 
Member - Nathan Lehr 
Member - Stephen Gallant 
Member - Kenneth Ouellet 
Member - Chris Strong

Veterans Consultation Assembly

Chair - Larry Murray 
Member - Tom Irvine 
Member - Bruce Julian

Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League Committee

Chair - Tom Irvine 
Vice-Chair - David Flannigan 
Member - Bruce Julian