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October 2022
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In this edition – October 2022
2022 Poppy Campaign
We are pleased to have the support of our National Poppy Campaign Corporate Partners in helping distribute Poppies across Canada and raise funds for the Poppy Campaign. View the Corporate Partners and contact list. As more information becomes available, visit the Member Services Website 2022 Poppy Campaign webpage for updates.
Corporate Partners  ‣ | Partner contact list  ‣ | 2022 Poppy Campaign  ‣
Add your local Legion Remembrance Day Ceremony to
People visiting the Legion’s website can search for the location of their local Remembrance Day Ceremony here.
We encourage all Branches hosting a Remembrance Day Ceremony to add your event to the site. This tool, which will be widely promoted during the Remembrance period, will allow Legion Branches to share when and where they are holding Remembrance Day ceremonies. Branches can submit their ceremony details through the online form.
Add your Ceremony  ‣
The Poppy Trademark
Protect the Poppy
As the Remembrance period approaches, we see more and more instances of unauthorized use and misuse of the Poppy. Help protect the Poppy symbol from commercialization, misuse and unauthorized use.
Did you know? The Poppy can never be used as a symbol of Remembrance for profit or personal gain and may not be used without the express written permission of Dominion Command by any organization, group, community, or individual for commercial, political or charitable display or public distribution.
See the attached educational flyer for Branches that highlights important information about the Poppy trademark, and requirements for use.
Download the flyer  ‣
Please direct public inquiries to:
Queen Elizabeth II commemorative pin
As a commitment to preserve the memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Supply Department has created a lapel pin as a visible representation of our gratitude for her unwavering service. The pin may be worn on the Legion uniform until January 31, 2023. This pin replaces the Platinum Jubilee pin, and is worn on the right side lapel, to the left of the Support Our Troops pin. The commemorative pin should not be worn with the Platinum Jubilee pin.
Call Legion Supply at 1-888-301-2257 to order. Temporarily out of stock. Check back the first week of November.
Renewal reminders and special offer
Renewal reminders are being mailed to over 66,000 members and emailed to over 61,000 members with an email on file.
Members who renew and prepay their dues for 5 years will receive a FREE Poppy toque, scarf and pair of mittens.  ‣
Promote membership with free Branch resources
With the Remembrance period coming up, and the new year just around the corner, now is a great time to start promoting membership!
Check out these free Branch recruitment and renewal resources, available through Legion Supply, or download and print.
Download now  ‣
Important Branch booking guidelines
Earlier this year, in the wake of the protests in Ottawa, our Dominion President issued a letter to clearly advise regions of possible attempts at booking Branch space for unauthorized purposes. Please read this letter for background.
Branches cannot be affiliated with anyone promoting discrimination, overthrowing government, or protesting laws or regulations. Please review the Legion’s Articles of Faith in the General By-laws for more detail.
It is imperative that Branches screen potential bookings. Use the Branch Booking Checklist to help ensure unacceptable bookings do not occur.
Legion Yoga: a new activity
The physical and mental health benefits of Yoga have sparked a new program at a Legion Branch in Saskatchewan. “Chair Yoga” is attracting Veterans and Seniors in the community of Weyburn. Could it interest your Legion community too? Read more to find out!
Branches interested in the video program can access it here:
Part 1  ‣ | Part 2  ‣ | Part 3  ‣
Service dogs for those who served
In August 2018, the Legion’s Ontario Provincial Command partnered with Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) to launch Operation Service Dog, with the goal to pair as many injured Veterans as feasible with trained Service Dogs. In the past 12 months alone, WWC is estimating the pairing and placement of 25 Service Dogs with Veterans in Ontario, with a further 18 in training – an increase from 17 dogs paired and placed the previous 12 months, demonstrating that this initiative is producing results!
Learn more  ‣
Want to hear from CAF members this Veterans’ Week?
Did you know that the Department of National Defence offers Canadians an opportunity during Veterans’ Week (Nov 5-11) to bring history to life and hear stories of our Veterans as part of the National Veterans’ Week Speakers Program (NVWSP)? You can invite a CAF speaker for an in-person or live virtual presentation during Veterans’ Week, where capacity exists and public health guidelines permit.
Learn more  ‣
Branch Membership Administration
Resources and tips to support your Membership Chair
Attract new members with these programs!
Did you know? Legion membership is on pace for the most new and reinstated members we have had in over 20 years!
Promote the following free offers at your Branch to help attract new members:
  • Veterans Welcome Program: Serving and retired CAF and RCMP members are eligible for a free first year of membership
  • Veterans Family Welcome Program: Veterans’ family members, including spouses, children 18+, parents and/or guardians can get a free first year of membership
  • MemberPerks®: All members in good standing have access to our free member benefits program! Over 30,000 Legion members have registered and saved over $600,000 at thousands of stores and restaurants across Canada
* Free Membership Offers only available for first time Legion members.
Auto-renew makes membership renewal easier for everyone!
The auto-renewal billing process for the 2023 membership year will run during the first few weeks of November. Members will be notified in advance via email during the month of October.
Did you know:
  • 1 in every 10 Legion members have already selected auto renew as their choice for membership renewal
  • Auto-renew improves member retention rates while removing all Branch processing associated with member renewals
  • Members can sign up for auto-renew:
    • Via their online membership profile
    • When they renew online
    • By calling Dominion membership at 1-855-330-3344
Promote auto-renewal at your Branch with this downloadable poster or order a free, 17x22 inch poster through Legion Supply (item #800412)!
Get access to Marketing and PR resources
Legion Letterhead
Now available: Editable Legion branded letterhead for your Branch! Simply update the letterhead template with your Branch logo and your Branch address and contact information.
Don’t have a Branch logo? Contact and we’ll send you one!
Get the Branch letterhead  ‣
PR Tip of the Month
Communicate with your PRO team
Stay in regular touch with your regional or provincial Public Relations representatives so that you know what’s going on: learn about successful initiatives you can replicate, or about any red flag issues.
Have questions or need advice? Contact your Command Public Relations Officer or Nujma Bond, Dominion Command Communications at
Your Legion calendar
On November 1st, the Legion announces the National Silver Cross Mother. Learn more about this important role here.
Learn about October’s mental health awareness days and other important dates your Branch can promote or organize activities for.
Download the 2022 calendar  ‣
MemberPerks®: Exclusive offers and preferred pricing through Venngo
MemberPerks® is more than a member benefit package. It’s also a tool Branches can use to promote membership. Plus, you can partner with local businesses in your community to offer exclusive discounts for your members.
Learn more  ‣
Partner promotions
The following is brought to you by our partners, highlighting special offers and other information.
Special offer from Legion Magazine
If you have any questions, please contact Member Services and we will be pleased to assist. 1-855-330-3344 or

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