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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strain on the resources and psyche of Canadians which will undoubtedly have a major effect on the 2020 Poppy Campaign.  When you place this concern with the traditional way that the Legion has conducted it’s successful Poppy Campaign in the past there is a need to establish rules that will enhance the health and safety of the general public and the many valuable volunteers that support this effort.

Our focus is to prevent contact and the spread of COVID-19 within Legion ranks by concentrating on the following:

  • Complying with Provincial Emergency Orders as it applies to the operation of the 2020 Poppy Campaign,
  • Providing the direction to ensure a safe environment for both volunteers and the general public,
  • Preventing the spread of Covid-19,
  • Protecting people who are at higher risk for adverse health complications, and
  • Maintaining the Poppy Campaign operations.


The aim of this directive is to provide branches with information that is required to conduct a safe and successful 2020 Poppy Campaign

Contributing Factors

The planning for the 2020 Poppy Campaign must take into consideration the following restrictions imposed by authorities as a result of the current pandemic:

  • The Provincial Government and City/town health restrictions in your area,
  • The requirement to physically distance between individuals to a minimum of six feet or two meters,
  • Members of the Cadet and Junior rangers are prohibited from participating in such activities as the Poppy Campaign, and
  • Many of our older Veterans/members are in the demographic most affected by the current pandemic.

Execution Points

The National Poppy Campaign will be conducted 30 October to 11 November 2020 with the following recommendations:

  • Any door to door solicitation should be avoided.
  • When possible the focus for Poppy distribution should be on Poppy collection boxes being placed in business’ with a regular rotation of collecting funds and replenishing Poppies. In order to assist in this effort you will find the Corporate Partnerships for 2020 attached.There is also attached the contact numbers for the specific store locations of those corporations participating.
  • Corporate Partners Directive.In this attached directive are three categories of partners labelled Volunteers, Point of Sale and Donations defined as:
    • Volunteers:Asking for either a Legion member to distribute or place a box in that store. Read the directive to determine and use the contact list to speak to the store contact.
    • Point of Sale:For these locations only Poppy Boxes and Poppies are required. Funds collected at Point of Sale locations will be processed through a centralized accounting system and branches will receive the donations collected in that location in one lump sum from Dominion Command after 11 Nov 20.
    • Donations:These locations have chosen to make a donation to the Centralized Poppy Fund and do not accept Poppy boxes or volunteers.
  • When leaving Poppy collection boxes at a store ensure you leave a contact number with the owner/manager to notify you when more Poppies are required or consider leaving additional Poppies to replenish the box.
  • When collecting Poppy donations in person at a business the volunteer should place the Poppies on an accessible table and remain six feet or two metres distance from the box.The volunteer should be wearing a N95 protective mask and have access to a bottle of hand sanitizer both of which can be purchased for this campaign with funds as outlined in article 402.i.c. of the Poppy Manual.
  • Money collected from donations should be left for one hour before counting. As a note the virus does not thrive on the surface of coins so the risk is extremely low however polymer may be less resistant.
  • Basic hygiene methods should be observed at all times to include the frequent washing of hands, wearing protective masks when indoors and refrain from touching your face.
  • If you are ill or have a cold do not participate in the campaign.

Contacts/Updated Information

  • In order to get the most up to date information please go to the Member Portal at:
  • Questions in regard to this instruction can be sent via email to Freeman Chute the National Poppy & Remembrance Coordinator at


The 2020 Poppy Campaign will proceed as stated with a focus on member safety.  By observing the stated health regulations and equipping our members with the required tools to enhance their safety the campaign will succeed at all levels.   Our Veterans and communities depend on it.


National Partners

Michaels Canada - Contact List (Branches are asked to speak with the Store Manager or the Manager on Duty)

North West Company 

Peoples Jewelers / Signet Jewelers

Princess Auto

Revera Remembers 

Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix

Starbucks – Contact List

The Source - Contact List (COVID-19 precaution: Branches are asked to call ahead to arrange times for Poppy Box drop off and pick up)

Tim Hortons 

United Rentals - Contact List

VIA Rail Canada 

Walmart Canada


Please note: Due to COVID-19, Royal Bank of Canada is unable to offer Poppy Boxes at their locations this year. To continue their support for Canada's Veterans during the Poppy Campaign, they will be encouraging their employees to purchase a Digital Poppy.



The importance of a live ceremony honouring our Veterans and their sacrifices is considered paramount by the Legion, especially during the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. As so many other commemorations have either been cancelled or delayed by the current pandemic the symbology of our Legions and community leaders paying homage to past sacrifices and before the eyes of those that served is more important now than ever. Our pledge to never forget echoes loudly throughout a land that has been immersed in isolation with a population whose focus is far from the events that we honour with this ceremony. 

Taking the lead the 2020 National Remembrance Ceremony will be conducted live at the National War Memorial on 11 Nov 2020. This instruction outlines the plan that will allow many elements of the previously conducted ceremonies to take place while working within the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic. It should be viewed as an example to the myriad of Legion ceremonies to be held this 11 Nov 2020.


The aim of this instruction is to provide a model for the conduct of Legion conducted Remembrance Day Ceremonies amidst the current pandemic.

Contributing Factors

The planning of Legion organized Remembrance Ceremonies needs to take into consideration the following restrictions imposed by authorities as a result of the current pandemic:
  • The Government and local health authorities direction on the limit on outside gatherings.
  • The restrictions imposed on indoor gatherings.
  • The requirement to physically distance between individuals to a minimum of six feet or two meters.
  • The requirement to wear protective masks.
  • Members of the Cadet and Junior rangers are prohibited from participating in such activities as remembrance ceremonies.
  • Many of our Veterans and members are in the demographic most affected by the current pandemic.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces abides by the restrictions imposed by the local Health authorities and are therefore limiting numbers and marching formations.


The National Remembrance Ceremony conducted in Ottawa is the example to be emulated for all outdoor ceremonies and will be conducted in two phases, preparation and execution.
Phase 1: The preparation for the ceremony begins now and will include consultation with all participating partners. For Ottawa the planning is based on a maximum of 100 personnel on site and will not change even if the 100 external gathering restriction is relaxed. Meetings will be primarily carried out via electronic means (Zoom) complimented by on-site coordination.
Phase 2: The conduct of the ceremony will follow the standard format outlined in Chapter 6 of the Ritual, Awards & Protocol Manual and modified to conform to the local restrictions. The National Ceremony will follow the following format:
  • Location - The ceremony will take place at the War Memorial on 11 November.
  • Veterans' Parade - There will be no Veteran’s parade.
  • Canadian Armed Forces - There will be no CAF parade.
  • Colour Party: Reduced to Canadian, Legion, Union Jack, Red Ensign, NATO & UN)
  • Canadian Armed Forces: Four armed sentries and one sentinel (Nursing Sister) posted by Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Other: One trumpeter, one piper to play the Lament, flag orderly to lower and raise the Canadian flag.
  • Vice Regal Party: standing in front of and facing Memorial. Their wreaths are prepositioned so no assistant wreath bearer is required.
  • Wreath Bearers: The majority of wreaths are to be preplaced at the memorial prior to the ceremony. Those wanting to place the wreath personally can do so after the ceremony concludes. Acknowledgement of preplaced wreaths will be placed on our website.
  • Spectators: Discouraged from attending due to the limited space and the requirement to physically distance.
  • Media: Media are invited to attend however for a national broadcast we have yet to receive confirmation. We will be broadcasting via Facebook Live regardless.
  • Questions: Questions can be directed towards or


The modifications we as Legionnaires will experience in our planning and conduct of a Remembrance Day Ceremony are difficult but not insurmountable. Following the local area restrictions imposed due to the pandemic needs to be paramount in concern of the safety of all involved. However with a reduction in people at the ceremony location, be it the National War Memorial or your local cenotaph and an adjustment in the format will allow us to honour our Veterans and the sacrifices made regardless of the pandemic. 

We Will Remember