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National Legion Week

September 17–23, 2023


The Dominion Executive Committee approved the establishment of the first National Legion Week. Already marked by some Provincial Commands and their Branches since the 1980s, the annual observance will now become a coast-to-coast celebration!


National Legion Week is designed to educate visitors on the good work their local Branch does in their community. It reinforces the important role Branches play in our shared mission to serve and support our Veterans, as well as contribute to the well-being of so many communities. It serves as a vehicle to drive new traffic to Branches, attract new members and sign up new volunteers. This year, it can also include a salute to RCMP Veterans who celebrated the 150th anniversary (May 23) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


The commemoration will continue to be held each September, with start and end dates that vary slightly from year to year. It kicks off on the third Sunday of the month in honour of Battle of Britain Day and wraps up on the following Saturday.

This year’s first annual national observance runs from Sunday, Sept. 17 to Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023.


During this week, Branches are encouraged to hold open-house style events and activities that meet their needs and showcase strengths that appeal to specific communities. If, for example, one of your needs is to earn more media attention, the timing is ideal. With the October start of the Poppy Campaign just around the corner, the media already is paying attention to the Legion and some reporters already are seeking out sources for local stories.

Whatever your goals are, you can check these tips and suggestions for engaging members, potential members, opinion leaders and others as well as earning media coverage.

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National Legion Week is around the corner. Use these graphics in your social media promotions, newsletters, website, and anywhere you are promoting your Legion week activities!

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