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Annual opportunity for a Legionnaire to participate in the Nijmegen Marches

Each year, Dominion Command of The Royal Canadian Legion invites Legion Members to apply for an opportunity to participate in the world’s largest walking/marching event held in mid-July in the Nijmegen area of Holland. A call for applications is announced to Provincial Commands and Branches in Fall each year. One member is selected to represent The Royal Canadian Legion at the Nijmegen Marches.

The Canadian Armed Forces has postponed its participation in the Nijmegen Marches in the Netherlands until the summer of 2024. As a result, the Legion will not be selecting a candidate for the CAF contingent for 2022 or 2023. We wish to express our sincere thanks for all the interest received this year and remain hopeful for 2024.



The parameters listed below constitute the Dominion Command policy on having a Legionnaire attend the event as a representative of the Legion. They are:

a. Must be a Legion member in good standing in the year for which he or she applies to attend;

b. Must have the endorsement of the Branch and Command to which he or she belongs;

c. Must be physically fit and able to perform the required preparation training;

d. Must be acceptable by the Department of National Defence for participation;

e. Must be able to handle own costs for medical, transport, accommodation and meals should he or she become sick or unable to participate at any time after starting the trip to Nijmegen;

f. Must be in possession of a complete and proper Legion uniform as defined in the Ritual and Insignia manual (Chapter 1);

g. Must wear the Legion uniform as prescribed in the General By-laws when participating in events such as wreath laying ceremonies, receptions, etc.;

h. Must be responsible for the provision of all materials and documents required by the Department of National Defence;

i. Must be responsible for all costs and expenses not covered by the CAF; and

j. Must have a current up-to-date passport with at least six months remaining on it after the end of the event.

k. Must adhere to any provincial or federal government and international vaccination requirements indicated at the time of the journey and marches.

The Nijmegen March is a grueling 4 day affair that requires a high level of fitness which is achieved only through training. The selected candidate must ensure that they follow a training regime that will allow them to complete the following two minimum standards prior to the Nijmegen 4-day march:

a. March a minimum of 500 km with a 10 kg pack over the training period; and

b. March at least two 40 km marching days on successive days.

Note:  Preference will be given to those who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the Nijmegen Marches if other criteria meets the above policy.  

Should you have any questions, please contact your Provincial Command.