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How to get started with Mailchimp

The Legion and Mailchimp have developed a custom Branch onboarding program to help you get the most out of Mailchimp.

Verified Legion Branches will receive a 15% nonprofit discount on all Mailchimp fees, access to Legion branded templates, and member data support through Legion Headquarters.

Use Mailchimp for FREE

Branches that wish to take advantage of the Mailchimp onboarding service are encouraged to sign up for the special (1) one month free Essentials account using the links in Step 2 below. Schedule your onboarding session within the free month, then, if you don’t require the features of the Essentials plan, you may downgrade to the free plan.


To verify your account as a Branch of The Royal Canadian Legion, please follow the steps below, in the order they are written, to proceed. If you have an existing Mailchimp account, please update your account to meet these requirements.

Step #1) Watch the 30 minute Legion Mailchimp webinar to learn how you can use Mailchimp, as well as how the Legion has partnered with Mailchimp to customize the onboarding support process for your Branch


Webinar Q&As

There were Q&A questions posed by Branches in the chat feature of the webinar.

  • What are the Mailchimp fees?
  • What are the payment options?
  • What if our Branch has an existing Mailchimp account?
  • Can I import member emails to my Mailchimp account?
  • How do I use the Branch email in my Mailchimp account?
  • How do I access the Legion templates?
  • How will Mailchimp help ensure our Branch is compliant with anti-spam legislation?

We've provided answers to those questions here. If you have additional questions, please email us at


Step #2) Sign up for a Mailchimp account. Branches with an existing Free Mailchimp account will need to create a new account using the links below to access the one-month free and the onboarding service. 

Sign up for an Essentials Mailchimp account. New accounts receive a 30 day free trial when you use the links below. Select the Essentials plan that best reflects the number of members in your Branch. You can downgrade to a free account after your onboarding call if you do not require the features of a paid account. We encourage Branches to schedule the onboarding call within the free month trial period.

To be verified as a Branch of the Legion, your Mailchimp account profile must use your Branch email address, ending in If your Branch has not accessed your account previously, please have your Membership Chair reach out to Legion Member Services at 855-330-3344 for assistance.

Additionally, when you first create your Mailchimp account, indicate as your website address. This can be updated to your Branch website address later if you have one.

You will be prompted to create a username and password. To support compliance with Canadian privacy laws and anti-spam legislation, Branches should have their username and password approved by and accessible to the Branch President. All profile information on the account should be Branch information (not an individual's information).

Sign up for one of the plans below...

Essentials Sign Up (with free trial) - up to 500 members

Essentials Sign Up (with free trial) - up to 1500 members

Essentials Sign Up (with free trial) - up to 2500 members

Essentials Sign Up (with free trial) - up to 5000 members


Step #3) Complete the Pre-Call Checklist before scheduling the Onboarding Call.

By completing this checklist, you will be fully prepared to have an Onboarding Specialist help you set up your account. 


To note:

  • If you already have a Mailchimp account, you can skip any items that are already completed.
  • A new Branch Member Emails report is now available on the Member Services Website (under Reports). Your Membership Chair should have access to this report. Download the report prior to your Onboarding Call. This list will be used to upload member emails to your Mailchimp account. For assistance with reports, please have the Membership Chair contact Member Services at 855-330-3344. 
  • Per Legion brand guidelines, Branches are required to use their Legion Branch Logo. If your Branch does not have this version, please contact

Legion Branch Logo sm






Step #4) After you have completed Steps 2-3, you can schedule your Onboarding Call using the link below. 


You may be prompted in other places to book a call (for example, when you log in there may be pop-ups). ONLY book your Onboarding Call using this link or the link in the Pre-Call Checklist. This routes you to a Mailchimp specialist who is trained specifically for the Royal Canadian Legion accounts.

Clicking the above link will open an Intuit member schedule. Select a convenient date and time for your call. Your Onboarding call will be held through a Zoom meeting. Details on how to log in to the meeting will be sent to the email you provided on the scheduling form.

When scheduling your call, please use the '+Invite Additional Guests' feature to add your Branch email address so that the Onboarding team can access your account.

Add email


Step 5) If you don’t require the features of the Essentials plan, you can downgrade to the free plan.


We are so excited to see all that you accomplish with your new Mailchimp accounts! If you have questions, please contact Legion Marketing at