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July 2021
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In this edition – July 2021
Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Remembrance Poppy
On July 6, 1921, the Remembrance Poppy made its first appearance in Canada. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Legion has produced a commemorative Poppy pin reminiscent of those after the First World War.
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NEW Digital membership card coming this fall
A new digital membership card is in development! In a world moving more and more online, a digital membership card lets members keep their member information at their fingertips.
Starting this fall, new and renewing Legion members can choose either the traditional plastic card or an electronic membership card they can download to a mobile wallet. In addition to offering members an option that meets their needs, digital cards also save the Legion time and money in producing, mailing and replacing plastic cards.
More details will be shared soon – stay tuned!
Reminder: Important update to Branch payment options
Electronic payments to Branches starting September 2021
Legion Headquarters will discontinue issuing cheques as of September 1, 2021 and implement payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only. EFTs reduce costs, require less administrative processing, provide Branches faster access to their funds, are more secure than cheques and simplify reconciliation and accounting.
Branches to provide banking details by August 2021
Branches are asked to contact Dominion Command Accounting at 888-556-6222 extension 288 or by email at to provide banking details for their Branch General Account and their Branch Poppy Account.
Branch payments for online transactions to be Interac or credit card only starting in 2022
Legion Headquarters is continuing to experience significant payment delays for online membership transactions when Branches submit payment by cheque. Starting in 2022, cheques will no longer be accepted for online membership portal transactions. Dominion Command will require all online membership transactions be paid by Interac or credit card. Electronic payments are fast, secure and trackable. This shift will require technical, logistical and procedural changes. The implementation of online payment processes is expected to commence in 2022.
Branches may contact Dominion Command Accounting at 888-556-6222 extension 288 or by email at for information on how to set up electronic payments.
Promote membership at your Branch
A new flyer has been created to help you promote membership. Download and display the flyer at your Branch today!
Please note that this flyer is only to be used until November 11, 2021.
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Scholarship applications are now open!
Applications for the Royal Canadian Legion Masters Scholarship are now open!
Ongoing, focussed research is critical for the care and support of Canada’s Veterans. The Legion supports this research by awarding an annual Master’s level scholarship through the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research to a student specializing in Military and Veterans Health Research.
Let your members know about the Scholarship today. The deadline to apply is August 5, 2021.
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A letter to Prime Minister
On behalf of Canada’s largest Veteran support organization that promotes and recognizes service, the Legion Dominion President sent a letter to the Prime Minister encouraging the Government to create a Platinum Jubilee Medal to recognize Her Majesty’s 70th anniversary of ascension to the Throne and lifetime of service.
Read the letter (English only)  ‣
Veterans Affairs Canada Ministerial Advisory Groups
The Veterans Affairs Canada Ministerial Advisory Groups are looking for Veterans, Canadians, and stakeholders from all regions of the country with diverse knowledge, expertise and experience who want to share perspectives and advice on issues relevant to Veterans and their families. Legion Dominion Command has representatives on each of the Veterans Affairs Ministerial Advisory Groups.
If you or your members are interested in having a say in issues relating to Canada’s Veterans, consider applying to become a member. Any Canadian resident over 18 is eligible to apply.
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Portraits of Prince Phillip
With the passing of His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, we received questions on whether Branches should remove the portrait of HRH. A representative from the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General of Canada (OSGG) indicated that, as HRH was not the Monarch, there are no guidelines for removal or replacement. It is at the discretion of the organization when to remove the portrait. At this time, the OSGG has chosen not to remove the portrait, and indicated there would be no breach of protocol to simply leave the portrait as is.
Historically, the last time the consort of a reigning Sovereign died was 1861, the Prince Consort, Albert. For Government Houses around the then Empire, his portraits were gradually removed to less prominent places over the year following his death.
Branch Membership Administration
Resources and tips to support your Membership Chair
Verify and welcome new members at your Branch
85% of new members joining online are selecting a local Branch to join! Branches are encouraged to reach out to new member applicants within 30 days of their application to let them know the process for their application or, if approved, welcome them to the Branch.
The Membership Committee’s recommended 30-day application review period is a suggested timeline to ensure our organization is maintaining strong customer service practices for new members wishing to join and support the Legion. If a Branch is unable to meet the suggested 30-day time period for a General Meeting or Executive Committee review of the application, it may still follow its own process to approve/decline a member and the procedure for that continues to follow the communicated policy.
Be sure to check your email account for notifications of new members or check the New Online Member Report on your Branch profile on the Member Services Website.
2022 Renewal Stickers coming in August
2022 Member renewal stickers will be delivered to Branches during the last week of August for all members that are renewed for 2021 by July 31, 2021. Please ensure your renewals are up to date to ensure your members receive their 2022 stickers.
Encourage lapsed members to renew
Automated telemarketing renewal campaign
Legion National Headquarters is testing an automated telemarketing campaign targeting 30,000 lapsed members, reminding them to renew their Legion membership. If successful, this cost-effective approach could be an additional renewal tool to complement our existing strategies.
Reminder: Renew and prepay promo
Last month, lapsed members received an offer to renew for 2021 and prepay for an additional 2 or more years and receive a free Poppy Birdfeeder. This offer ends July 30, 2021.
We are here to help!
Our team is here to help, Monday through Friday, 8:30–4:00 pm EST by email and by phone.
Get access to Marketing and PR resources
Marketing Resources
It’s time for members to renew
Find a wide variety of recruitment and renewal resources on the Member Services Website, as well as free materials through the Legion Supply Department.
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PR Tip of the Month
Read all the resources
From the regular All-Branch Dispatch e-mails to the PRO reports, if you help with PR at your Branch, taking the time to read these publications will keep you up to date and in the know!
Have questions or need advice? Contact your Command Public Relations Officer or Nujma Bond, Dominion Command Communications at
Your Legion calendar: 2021
Promote important dates and organize activities at your Branch with this list of upcoming days that raise awareness of an issue, commemorate a group or event, or celebrate an important topic.
MemberPerks®: Exclusive offers and preferred pricing through Venngo
MemberPerks® is more than a member benefit package. It’s also a tool Branches can use to promote membership. Plus, you can partner with local businesses in your community to offer exclusive discounts for your members.
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Partner promotions
The following is brought to you by our partners, highlighting special offers and other information.
Call for Submissions: Dear Canada – Letters from WWII
Do you have family letters, stories and photos from WWII you’d like to share? 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙧 𝘾𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙙𝙖: 𝙇𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙒𝙒𝙄𝙄 will be a live performance for this Remembrance Day and creator Miranda Mulholland is launching a call for submissions for letters to and from Canadians. The deadline is July 31st!
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Special offer from Legion Magazine
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