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January 2020
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Forward this email to your Branch Executives, Committee Members and other members to keep them up-to-date on important updates and information.
All Branch emails are also available on the Member Services Website
In this edition – January 2020
Process your renewed members by January 31
Legion Headquarters will be sending a direct mailing to all non‑renewed members this February. Please process your Branch’s member registrations and renewals by January 31st through the Member Services Website or by sending them to Legion House. Any members not processed by this day may receive a mailed reminder.
Going forward with the Legion Strategic Plan
The Dominion Going Forward Committee developed a 2018–2026 Strategic Plan for The Royal Canadian Legion, outlining organizational strategic objectives and initiatives to support our Mission and Vision. The plan was presented at the 2018 Dominion Convention and ratified by the delegates.
The start of a new year is a good time for Branches to review the strategic plan and set local Branch plans and priorities. Together, we will set the stage for a stronger Legion that supports Canada’s Veterans and communities for years to come.
Meeting minutes from the Dominion Executive Council and Committees
On November 24, 2019, the Dominion Executive Council held their semi-annual meeting in Ottawa. During that time, a number of the Dominion Committees also met to discuss their areas of focus. Minutes from all meetings are available for members to access on the Member Services Website under Branch and Command Resources / Dominion Executive Council.
Participate in Dominion Member sports
The 2020 Dominion Member Sports Championships are rapidly approaching. Contact your Provincial Command for information on how your Branch members can qualify to attend the following events:
  • Cribbage: Branch #10‑050 in Conception Bay, Newfoundland from April 24–27, 2020
  • Darts: Branch #05‑060 in Burlington, Ontario from May 1–4, 2020
  • Eight ball: Branch #02-104 in Innisfail, Alberta from May 29 to June 1, 2020
January 29 is Bell Let’s Talk Day
Help break the silence around mental illness!
Bell Let’s Talk Day is a mental health initiative helping to fight the stigma associated with mental health, improve access to care, support research and treatment and advance mental health policy and support. Mental health challenges are not new to Canada’s military and RCMP, and the Legion is committed to helping Veterans and their families get the care and supports they need.
If you know of a Veteran in need of assistance, a Command Service Officer can help.
CAF-DND Sexual Misconduct Class Action Settlement
Please share with Legion Service Officer and Veteran members:
The Federal Court approved a settlement to compensate former/current CAF members, DND employees and Staff of the Non-Public Funds affected by workplace sexual misconduct. Learn about the settlement, who is included, your rights and options:
Your Legion calendar: February – March 2020
This calendar lists upcoming commemorative days of relevance to The Royal Canadian Legion that raise awareness of an issue, commemorate a group or event, or celebrate an important topic. Branches may wish to promote these dates or organize related activities.
FebruaryBlack History Month
February 14Valentine’s Day
February 15National Flag of Canada Day
February 17Family Day (New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia)
February 28Gulf War ends (1991)
March 3World Hearing Day
March 8International Women’s Day
March 9Commonwealth Day (RCEL support)
March 15Last Canadian soldiers return from Afghanistan (2014)
Get access to Marketing and PR resources
It’s time for members to renew
Find a wide variety of recruitment and renewal resources on the Member Services Website, and free materials through the Legion Supply Department.
PR Tip of the Month
Email consistency
Creating a consistent email address for a Command or Branch position is a good idea. It helps retain important information over time and makes it easier to communicate with the right person even when there’s volunteer turnover. Read some tips on setting up consistent email addresses here.
Have questions or need advice? Contact your Command Public Relations Officer or Nujma Bond, Dominion Command Communications at
Your Legion online
The Legion’s Member Services Website is a gateway to convenient branch-specific and membership information and services, including simplified new member sign-ups and renewals.
Branches can login to with the username and password provided.
Membership renewals continue
Member renewal reminders and processing members
Legion National Headquarters continues to email renewal reminders to members with email addresses on file. Please remit per capita tax at least monthly to ensure your member data is up to date. Better yet, process your members online and update their membership status immediately!
Use the Branch Membership Renewal Strategy
Members are the strength of the Legion, and our most valuable resource. Use the attached Branch Membership Renewal Strategy to guide your renewal efforts.
Make membership renewal easy for your members!
90% of Branches provide over 230,000 Legion Members with the opportunity to renew their local Branch membership online. Please ensure your Branch Rates are entered and up to date.
For membership processing effective January 01, 2020:
a. Current Year = 2020
b. Next Year = 2021
c. Previous Year = 2019
2020 per capita tax rates
The 2020 per capita tax rates are now available online. They are effective September 01, 2019 for the 2020 membership year. The 2019 online Branch rates will be automatically copied over to 2020 for Branches.
If you have a membership fee rate change, please update online or contact Member Services directly.
You’ve got mail!
Please ensure you are accessing your Branch email by clicking ‘WEB MAIL’ on the left-side menu of the Member Services Website.
If you have any questions, please contact Member Services and we will be pleased to assist. 1-855-330-3344 or

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Working together to serve Canada’s Veterans.