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Loop TV wants to keep your members and customers entertained and informed... 

for free!


Plus, your Branch will earn cash just for using the service!




The Royal Canadian Legion partnered with Loop TV to bring entertainment and information to your Branch TV screens! 


Here's how it works

On any of your existing TV screens, Loop provides entertaining content (at no cost to you) including music videos, funny viral videos, and more. Your Branch just needs an internet-connected TV and the Loop Player.


In addition to Loop's awesome content in your venue, you also get easy-to-use digital signage to promote specials, events, fundraisers, Branch messaging and more. In return, you'll see more engaged and informed members and customers!


Free service, and your Branch earns extra money!

The Loop Player and service are free to use. PLUS, your Branch will earn $20 USD in Loop Rewards per active Loop player each month (up to $40 USD max per month) simply by having your Loop Player active in your Branch. Your earned rewards can be redeemed as cash or gift cards.


Sign up today!

Sign up for free today and take advantage of this opportunity to promote your Branch and earn extra money.



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Benefits of digital signage

Rather than relying on dated and static signage, today's venues are installing digital signage to program dynamic and engaging content that better reflects their events, atmosphere, and brand. 

Loop TV offers your Branch:

  • the flexibility to create and change your displays as needed
  • the ability to display different types of content to keep your audience engaged
  • access to a wide variety of music, videos, live events, trivia and more to entertain
  • a unique, customizable digital backdrop for events

Elevate your in-branch experience with Loop TV!